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Spitzer Science Center Produced

Raw, SSC pipeline processed basic calibrated data (BCDs) and post-BCD products (mosaics) are available through Leopard. To grab all of the MIPSGAL data, it is easiest to access the observations by program ID. The MIPSGAL program IDs are 20597, 30594. All MIPSGAL data has been reprocessed with version S16.1.0. 491 separate observation requests comprise the survey data. The SSC processed data has not benefitted from our enhanced pipeline processing and enhanced artifact mitigation techniques. The Data Processing page contains more on the artifacts identified and mitigation techniques applied.

MIPSGAL Team Produced

The MIPSGAL team is producing 4 sets of enhanced products: 24 micron mosaics, 24 micron source catalog, 70 micron mosaics and 24 & 70 micron source catalog. Release of the 24 micron mosaics is currenly in progress. The 24 micron source extraction is currently being tested. At the current time, the 70 micron data processing is not sufficient capable to produce generally useful mosaics due to the history and flux dependent gain variations in the data.

24 Micron Source Mosaics

The mosaics are 1.1 by 1.1 degrees in size with pixels on 1.25 arcsecond centers and 1 degree spacing between mosaic centers. All mosaics are served as FITS files with standard WCS keywords and other header keywords and history which provides sufficient information to trace the processing applied. The mosaics are in units of surface brightness (MJy/sr) and use a rotated tangent projection in the ICRS coordinate system so that the images are aligned in Galactic coordinates. Along with the mosaics are accompanying uncertainty images, mask cubes identifying pixels of uncertainty quality and coverage maps showing the number of input BCD pixels coadded for each mosaic pixel. The delivery documentation contains more information about the data products and processing. The mosaics are available from IRSA with the spatial query and cutout services and from the SSC popular products site (where the entire 44.5 Gb data set can be downloaded using wget).